Learn more about Private Lenders Hard Money and how we can HELP YOU!

We created this company to help change the face of New Jersey one house at a time.

We help beginner and experienced Real Estate Investors Renovate and Rehabilitate houses in New Jersey and New York.

We specialized in acquisition and rehab financing for single and up to 4 family houses.

We work with beginners and experienced Real Estate Investors.

Private Lenders Hard Money is a unique type of hard money lending company that can help you secure a loan from $75K up to $1.5 Million. with the best customer service in the state, this means you will have a private lender advisor dedicated to your project until you exit.
Here are our guidelines:

Pay Points When You Sell !!
To Pre-Qualify for
$200,000 Proof of Funds
600 Fico Credit Score
40k Reserves

65% to 75% After Repair Value
3 Points
8.5% Interest Rate For The Year
12 Month Term

We Provide Proof of Funds the same day you call!

Our average closing time is 7-10 days.

We respond within 24 hours,  Mon-Fri.

We know that time of the essence is when you’re in the market for hard money financing.

There are a number of ways you can start the process today.


Manuel Urbano